West Yorkshire Network of Pastoral Musicians

Mass Settings 2


Information from 'Workshop for Parish Musicians',
St Anne's Cathedral, 25/09/11,

On this page, links will open in a new browser window. I've included the URLs just in case the links don't work!!

1) Belmont Mass - Christopher Walker

Sample sheet music: here
(URL: http://cdn.ocp.org/shared/pdf/preview/30104308.pdf)

Hear it here
(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBzLrQVOQOY)

3.00 keyboard copy/ 0.30 pew edition from Decani Music. Order from here

2) Siena Chant Mass - Michael Dominic O'Connor OP

Sample sheet music: here
(URL: http://www.stmichaelhymnal.com/buythehymnal/NewEdition/MassParts.aspx)

Hear it here
(URL: http://www.stmichaelhymnal.com/buythehymnal/NewEdition/SienaChantMassRecordings.aspx)

c 6.50 for keyboard copy plus unlimited copying for use within parish. Order from here
(URL: http://www.stmichaelhymnal.com/buythehymnal/Buy.aspx)"

3) Mass of Charity and Love - Stephen Warner

Sample sheet music: here
(URL: http://www.wlp.jspaluch.com/download/018100.pdf)

Hear it here
(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdRxLyiN40E)

c 2.50 keyboard copy. Order from here
(URL: http://www.wlp.jspaluch.com/11894.htm)"

4) Heritage Mass - Owen Alstott

Sample sheet music: here
(URL: http://ww.ocp.org/newmasssettings/revisedsettings/heritagemass)

Hear it here
(URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYNEV4q-Wqg)

1.40 - 7.20 for different editions from Decani Music. Order from here
(URL: http://www.decanimusic.co.uk/)"

5) Peoples Mass - Jan Vermulst

Sample sheet music: here
(URL: http.//www.wlp.jspaluch.com/download/003217.pdf)

Hear it here
(URL: http://www.wlp.jspaluch.com/11989.htm)

c 3.50 keyboard copy. Order from here
(URL: http://www.wlp.jspaluch.com/11989.htm)"